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The Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) is a community dedicated to helping patients, caregivers, and health professionals work collaboratively to meet the patient's health needs, as defined by the patient. You are visiting a tool we use for communication and collaboration within our community. This list of recent posts in our Open Forum provides a flavor of the wide variety of topics and projects of importance to members of our SPM community. There is much more available to members of the Society.


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Our active participatory medicine community based on the four CARE pillars of Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education. We would love to have you join us.


Joseph Ternullo (President)
Susan Woods (President-Elect)
Jonathan Wald (Past President)
John Grohol (Treasurer)
Nancy Finn (Secretary)
Peter Elias (Member-at-Large)
Tracy Zervakis (Member-at-Large)
Danny Sands (Board Chair)
Sarah Krüg (Acting Executive Director)
Mandi Bishop
Kyra Bobinet
Donna Cryer (on leave)
Judy Danielson
Dave deBronkart
Joe and Terry Graedon, (Co-Editors of JoPM, members ex-officio)
John Hoben
Bruno Nardone
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (on leave)
Charlie Smith (Editor of JoPM, member ex-officio)
Kenneth P. Yale

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